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Does it get better?

Posted by david_m94@hotmail.com on March 13, 2018 at 3:10 PM

For some children and young adults, the promise that on some nebulous day in the future, life will improve, seems empty and unfulfilling. For LGBTQ+ youth, a life without bullying, teasing, abuse, and neglect from peers, birth families, and school officials seems unreal. For LGBTQ+ couples living in same-sex relationships and families in Philadelphia, two different foster agencies have made perfectly clear that homosexuality is contrary to their religious beliefs, and for those families, the prospects of foster children in the city are bleak, despite the need for foster families. 

When does it get better? How will life improve? Who is leading the effort to make life better? Unfortunately, no clear, simple answers exist to any of these questions. However, we can all make a difference. We can voice our opinions, and make clear our demands for change when we VOTE for officials who support the LGBTQ+ community. When we attend Pride events, and speak with one, loud, strong, unified voice, we make clear that as a group, we have the power to make lasting change. We can provide today's youth with a voice for change. 

Equality PA and the Pennsylvania Youth Congress have been forceful advocates for change across Pennsylvania for several years now. Locally, across the Commonwealth, organizations such as the Northwest PA Pride Alliance, TransFamily of NWPA, TransFamily of Central PA, and others have made a difference and have advocated for change. They rely on our community for support. When the Day of Giving comes each year, make a contribution to one of these organizations. Consider donating to the Pennsylvania Equality Project. As we transition from social media presence to a 501c3 organization, know that we are planning steps to make Pennsylvania better.

How do you respond to someone who asks, "will it get better?" Stay tuned to this space as we present our plans for the future of the Pennsylvania Equality Project, and watch us grow. Share with us your advice, and help us pass it along to the LGBTQ+ youth of PA.

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