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To keep our members informed about the changing political landscape in the fight for equality in Pennsylvania, we have links to various  petitions that ME4PA supports. We have one petition to end conversion therapy, one petition to end legal discrimination in Pennsylvania, and a petition in support of HB 99 and 101 which will give school leaders additional tools to fight bullying. Most recently, we added a petition aimed at winning passage of hate crime legislation to protect the LGBT community.
     We will also express some of the concerns from our fans and friends who seek equal protection under the law in Pennsylvania. You need look no further than here for information related to our fight. These are among the critical issues impacting the LGBT community in Pennsylvania. In time, we will also bring stories related to income inequality, immigration, bullying, and a host of other issues that affect our community and our rights. Thank you for being with us here at the Pennsylvania Equality Project. -- David

Working for equality for the entire LGBTQ community in PA since 2011.

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We stand with you in support of Pennsylvania House Bill 300 and Senate Bill 300. The people of Pennsylvania demand to be treated equally in terms of employment, education, and housing regardless of sexual or gender identity. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community should not be relegated to second class citizenry solely because of who we love or how we portray ourselves.

If passed into law, this bill would provide law enforcement, teachers, and school administrators more tools to deal with bullying. We believe that all children deserve to attend school and to live in a safe and protective environment. Thus, bullying is defined in this law as the commission of a crime in which the bully does "harass, annoy, alarm or intimidate another individual or group of individuals; or (2) place another individual or group of individuals in fear of personal injury or property damage."
Conversion therapy has been debunked as junk science by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. There's no scientific evidence that it works. But, more important, there's a host of evidence that it hurts those who suffer through it, leading to depression and even suicide in some cases.
Current Pennsylvania hate crime laws exist for a victim’s real or perceived race, color, religion and national origin. There is no legitimate reason to exclude the LGBT community from this list. Support Pennsylvania Senate Bill 42 and Pennsylvania House Bill 177, which would expand protection based on ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity.